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Our Story

“Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have faith in people, that they're good and smart  — and, if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them."

Steve Jobs


... so, let’s create innovative tools! 


In 1983, I founded and led what became Continuum Innovation.


My educational background in Design and Architecture grew alongside Jerry Zindler, a gifted engineer and physicist. Together, we recruited talents in many disciplines in an environment conducive to exploration, collaboration, testing, and rapid implementation. 


Over Continuum’s lifetime, I, my interdisciplinary colleagues, and our clients identified unmet needs and created products and services with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of people’s lives while contributing to the client's bottom line. Continuum Innovation applied a process of qualitative research, design thinking, and multidisciplinary collaboration, ultimately leading to human-focused innovations that included the Reebok Pump, P&G Swiffer, and the Omnipod Insulin Delivery System. Our innovations, however, aimed to meet the needs of the “neurotypical”, as the design world often does not prioritize the needs of those with developmental disabilities. 


Outside of this day-to-day approach to innovation, I was fortunate to become a part of the neurodivergent community through the raising of two neurodiverse children. Over time, I experienced the systemic gaps that exist between resources, needs, and aspirations. I witnessed the impact of innovations that transformed the lives of people with physiological limitations; however, I gradually came to wonder why so few innovations had been developed to meet the needs of those with intellectual limitations — in addition to all the people that love and seek to help them. 


Since 2018, through the Foundation for Augmented Intelligence (Intelligence++) and the application of the Continuum Interdisciplinary innovation model, we are fostering the development of meaningful innovations, both high-and-low-tech, while simultaneously inspiring students, influencing legislation, and unifying individuals in a knowledge and community-building resource. 


Please join us!

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