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For Augmented Intelligence




The Foundation for Augmented Intelligence seeks to inform, stimulate, develop, and leverage technological, educational, and organizational innovation to enable and empower individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families, and their communities, in order to improve quality of life, enhance independence and productivity, lower cost, and benefit society as a whole. 


In the past I, my colleagues and our clients were responsible for the creation of billion-dollar product and service offerings that have improved the quality of life of people and generated value to all. But we tended to focus mostly on the majority of people; those of average intelligence and above.

Now Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are creating previously unimagined value, convenience, and efficiency in all aspects of life, but, many jobs may disappear or be out of reach for many people. New jobs may require a higher level of intelligence and skills. The ramification is both economic and social. While automation could provide a minimal income to all it may not provide a sense of self-worth and social connection to many.

In the near future, social and economic innovation will come from considering the needs and aspirations of all levels of intelligence and the millions of people with intellectual disabilities may lead the way.

This is not only a social imperative but also an economic opportunity. It is estimated that Autism alone costs families and society 236 billion dollars a year in the US alone. If we include other forms of intellectual disabilities and all other countries the cost is astronomical. Not to mention the lifelong emotional costs to individuals, families, and caregivers.

This represents an enormous erosion of human dignity and a loss of human potential.

Human Centered Interdisciplinary Innovation can reduce costs while greatly improving quality of life and offers multiple opportunities for future thinking organizations..



Interdisciplinary inclusive entrepreneurship program launching at Syracuse University through gift from Intelligence++ Foundation

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The Foundation for Augmented Intelligence (Intelligence++) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization recognized by Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and exempt from federal income taxes. Donors can deduct contributions to the foundation under IRC section 170. 

The Foundation is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers, or gifts under IRS Section 2055, 2106, or 2522

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